Problem Cause Solution
Softener fails to regenerate. Electricity interrupted to system Assure continuous current outlet, fuses ok, plug system in.
Timer motor defective. Replace timer motor.
Power failure. Reset time of day.
Softener is not softening Bypass valve is in the bypass position. Move bypass valve to service position.
No salt in brine tank. Add salt to brine tank above water level
Internal leak. Replace seals, spacers, piston or distributor tube.
Hot water is hard Drain hot water tank and fill with soft water
System may not be regenerating often enough Increase hardness setting.
Unit uses too much salt. Excessive water in brine tank. Brine draw not functioning. Clean injectors.
salt setting incorrect Check and reset salt settings.
Loss of water pressure Iron build up in water conditioner Clean control and add resin cleaner. Increase regeneration frequently
Inlet of control plugged. Remove piston and clean control of foreign material.
Iron in conditioned water. Fouled resin bed. Add resin cleaner, increase frequency of regeneration.
Too much water in brine tank. Plugged drain line flow control. Clean flow control. Put system into brine, rinse and draw until only 4″ of water is left in bottom of brine tank.
Softener fails to draw brine. Internal controls leak. Change seals,spacers, or piston.
Injectors plugged Clean injectors.
Valve cycles continuously. Faulty timer mechanism Replace timer motor
Leaks water to drain continuously Internal control leak Replace seals, spacers or pistons
Timer motor stopped or jammed Replace timer motor
Control valve jammed in brine or backwash position Replace seals, spacers or pistons

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