How does a water softener work?
A water softener works on the cation exchange process. Hard water enters the softener system. As the water passes over the resin in the tank, the dissolved hard water minerals (calcium and magnesium) are attracted to the resin. Once these minerals are removed, the soft water is introduced into the home water supply.

What is the regeneration process?
When the resin inside your softener becomes saturated with hard water minerals, the system automatically regenerates. This process removes the hard water minerals attached to the resin by using a brine solution (water and salt). Finally, fresh water rinses the remaining brine out of the resin tank, leaving the system ready to soften.

How much water does the system use while regenerating?
Depending on the system you own, somewhere between 40 and 60 gallons.

Do I need to be concerned with sodium in my softened water?
Absolutely not! The amount of sodium that is produced by a water softener is miniscule in comparison to your daily allowance for sodium intake. For a further in depth look about sodium and water softeners or if you are on a sodium-restricted diet

What does it cost to operate my system?
If you have an electronic valve, you will consume about as much electricity as a small electronic device, like an alarm clock.

What type of salt do I use?
Basically, salt is salt. However, some makes of salt contain more dirt in the bag than others. We recommend Morton™ or Diamond Crystal™ salt pellets. Salt is readily available at most grocery stores and home improvement centers.

Should I clean the Brine Tank?
Normally it is not necessary to clean the brine tank. In time dirt and silt can build up in the brine tank and if you choose you can clean it out. Let the salt level drop down very low. The night before you clean, manually regenerate the softener. Disconnect the brine line and dump out the old salt, (Do not dump the old salt anywhere near living plants). Reconnect the brine line, add about (3) gallons of water, and add the new salt.

How do I bypass the Softener?
See the owner’s manual for instructions on bypassing the softener. The instructions are also shown on the bypass valve. Make sure you depressurize the system before performing any service or removing the softener. See the “WARNING” in the owner’s manual.

What should I do with the softener while on vacation or during extended periods of non-use?
It is not necessary to shut down the softener for periods of non-use equal to two-week to one-month vacations. If however, you are a temporary resident and leave for periods of four to six months, we recommend you shut the softener down. Put the softener in bypass and unplug it. When you return you will need to start the softener up. Make sure there are approximately (3) gallons of water in the brine tank, plug the softener in, and manually regenerate the softener.


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